The benefits of using inversion table therapy are many, such as to decompress your spine, Increase circulation, helps to reduce stress, Increases your flexibility, helps to maintain your height, boosts your Immune system, strengthens your core and relieves back pain.

I just want to show you today the benefits of inversion therapy. Before the benefits I actually want to go through a disclaimer first because it’s not for everyone, although it’s very good it’s not for everyone.

So disclaimer always check with the GP or physician before performing inversion therapy.

Do not use if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, or if you’ve had hernias, also if you suffer from glaucoma as it causes a lot pressure into your head and into your brain, and obviously into the eyes, also if you have spinal injuries or if you’re recovering from surgery. Please be sensible about this.

So here are the benefits, it helps to decompress your spine, so if you think about even just walking around all through the day you’ve got gravity always pushing down on you all the time, and the way a lot of people are slumped over their desks at their computers, their postures not very good, they’re slumped, it’s not a very good position to be in ergonomically.

So this obviously training wise we think about squats, heavy squatting, pressing overhead, so when we have that weight bearing down on us it’s always compressing downwards, always compressing our spine.

So by using the inversion table and hanging upside down, we let gravity just naturally decompress that spine, getting some more space put back between your vertebrae.

It increases your circulation, it helps reduce stress, so people who have a lot of tension in their lives or build up of stress find that this helps them just unwind and just chill, it also helps maintain your height with long-term use over your life, as when people get older there is always a certain amount of bone loss and a reduction in their height.

It helps to increase your flexibility so anything that helps us to do that and strengthen the ligaments and the joints is always a benefit.

It also boosts your immune system, so that’s another added benefit, so it’s a natural alternative to just using the medicine.

It also helps to strengthen your core, as you’re hanging upside down, you’re being held there basically by your feet, and you feel that your stomach and your lower back does come into play, which helps to build a little bit of core strength.

Obviously a big one is that it helps to relieve back pain, it helps people who suffer from sciatica. It helps give you that natural suspension that your spine needs.

When performing Inversion therapy just gradually Leanback, until either full inversion, or where you’re comfortable with. I just camp out here for about 30 seconds, to get a nice stretch, just let the gravity naturally stretch you out.

Obviously you do get that feeling with the pressure going into your head but it is something that you do get used to, I tend to do three sets of this, and so from the second and third set, you don’t feel quite so much pressure in the head.

So there you have it, like I said only use it if you’re you’re able to, but it’s definitely something that helps to maintain your back, especially if you do a lot of weight training and bodybuilding.

So performing Inversion therapy will help to look after your back for long term health, and remember, we only get one spine so we want to look after it.

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signed by Keith