Explosive Workout With The Landmine Shoulder Thrust

In this video I will show you how to have an explosive workout with the Landmine Shoulder Thrust. Sometimes It’s good to switch up the way that you train to help to challenge you In new ways, so Instead of the usual conventional way of working out, we add a twist and train In a way that Is functional.

Your shoulders are actually set at an angle of about 45 degrees, which people try and fight against when working out by going against the grain of our anatomy, by performing exercises that have our shoulders forced out at our sides such as the military press, or even worse the behind the neck press, (stay clear of this exercise altogether) If you want to avoid Injuries.

The landmine shoulder thrust allows your shoulders to move In a way that Is natural for them, pressing with your arms out In front of you, this Is a great productive exercise, one that you can keep pyramiding up In weight, producing strength and explosive power, which Is brilliant for those who need to Increase the power of their punches such as boxers and martial artists.

I highly recommend that you try the landmine shoulder thrust, especially If your an athlete who would like to enhance your functional performance.

signed by Keith