How To Stay Consistent With Your Diet

An Easy Way To Stop The Snacking

This Is How To Stay Consistent With Your Diet, an Easy Way To Stop The Snacking. When trying to get lean then you really need to stay consistent with your diet, this means trying to find ways to curb the snacking. It’s all the little extras we have that can soon add up to an abundance of needless extra calories, which results In piling on the pounds.

If we want to snack then the trick Is to find healthy and highly nutritious foods to help not only keep us on track, but will supply the body with many vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Not only that, but what people usually snack on dose not fill them up anyway, so they eat more and more to try and compensate for the lack of satiety, so I recommend that you at least snack on nutrient dense foods which have a higher satiety Index, simply meaning It will fill you up for longer periods of time. 

That’s not to say that you can never have your favorite treats, life’s way too short for that, but It’s being sensible about It, not letting It opening the flood gates and leading you Into a binge. I suggest that you meal prep In bulk, taking a little extra time to prepare nutritious meals and storing them In your fridge for the week ahead. 

This not only keep you on target to reach your weight loss goals, but also Is a great time saver when you are busy during the week, If It’s there to hand and already prepared, then you can just grab and go. Consistency with your diet and your training Is the name of the game, the more that you’re Inconsistent, the more that will lead to Inconsistent results, and nobody wants that. 

Another thing that I would like to point out Is that, why go and put all that hard effort Into your training, to only through It all away on your cravings, the real Issue here Is, what means more to you, a treat that doesn’t last more that a few minutes, or the vision that you want to attain. 


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signed by Keith