New Years Resolution

girl in coat and gloves holding a sparkler

New Years Resolutions: “You’ve heard the saying, New Year, New You”. The reality is that the majority of people lose interest far too quickly, if they do not see immediate changes then they think that exercise just doesn’t work for them.

They select unrealistic goals for themselves, so they are left frustrated. Way too many people are just looking for that quick fix. The truth is that to look the way they want to look and feel the way they want to feel takes HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY and a CAN DO mentality.

If it was easy to accomplish, then everyone would look good and feel great.

So my tip is to set yourself realistic and attainable goals, have your long term goals, that’s great, but be sensible about it, notch up lots of much smaller goals and each time you reach them, set the next small goal. If you keep repeating this then you stand every chance of reaching or maybe even surpassing your long term vision of yourself.

signed by Keith