What Are The Benefits Of Sweet Potato. In this video I answer the question, What Are The Benefits Of Sweet Potato. I list my Top 10 Benefits Of Sweet Potato, with a great little preparation hack. Sweet potatoes are one of the super foods, they have an abundance of vital vitamins and minerals which are essential to good health.

Here Are my Top 10 Benefits Of Sweet Potato: 

1. Rich In Antioxidants. This helps to fight free radicals, act as a natural anti-Inflammatory and also boosts your Immune system. 

2. High In Fibre. This helps to keep you feeling full, keeps your bowel movements regular, helps to lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol), It’s also good for your gut health and your digestive system. 

3. Helps To Stabilize Your Blood Sugar. This Is Important for people who suffer with type 2 diabetes and need to avoid the spikes In blood sugar. 

4. High In Copper. This helps In the production of red blood cells In the Body. 

5. Good For Eye Health. It contains properties that are essential for good eye health. 

6. Choline And Manganese. This Is very Important for the health of your brain function and helps to prevent memory loss. 

7. High In Vitamin A. Which helps to fight and prevent Infection, while also boosting your fertility, which Is great news for people who are trying for a baby. 

8. Contains Magnesium. This helps people who suffer with anxiety, and stress, by lowering cortisol levels. 

9. Regulates Blood Pressure. This Is great for people who have high blood pressure and need to lower It.

10. High Satiety Index. This means It will help control your appetite and help maintain a healthy body weight, by keeping you feeling full, stopping the dreaded snack attack, as It’s a complex carbohydrate which Is a slow burning fuel. 

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signed by Keith