Should You Train With Arthritis?

Man sat down holding his knee with a bandage on

Should you train if you have ARTHRITIS ?… The short answer is YES!

You would think that with a disease like arthritis that you should refrain from physical exercise, but this is not the case. For starters, if you lose some excess bodyfat then this has a positive impact on your joints and cartilage as it is not putting so much demand and stress on these areas. Also, blood flowing through your body from exercise helps to repair affected tissues.

As we exercise we release ‘Endorphins’ into the brain which helps reduce pain signals, this is our body’s own natural painkiller. By exercising we are strengthening our heart and lungs, but also toning up our muscles around the joints which helps to give the joints support. Another bonus is that it stops or slows down the loss of bone mass, which is what happens as we age. 

In the nutshell I would have to say that exercise is a must for people with arthritis. If you don’t exercise then it is likely that this disease will hold you back from normal daily living and it could just consume you. Always remember to have a check up with your G.P prior to starting any exercise program, so adjustments and advice can be given where needed. 

Train smart and opt for low impact activities, then add resistance slowly and steadily. Remember to always listen to your body, and have a sensible approach to your whole lifestyle.

signed by Keith