Workout At Home Vs Going To A Gym

Workout At Home Vs Going To A Gym

In this video I go through the Pros and Cons to Workout At Home Vs Going To A Gym. So before I start, let me ask you, do you prefer to workout at home, or do you prefer going to a gym?.

There Is no definitive right or wrong path to say that you should choose one over the other, It’s purely a matter of personal preference at the end of the day, and also what Is the most viable option for you.

Many years ago I used to train at my local gym on the way home from work, until I became a homeowner and needed to reduce some monthly outgoings to suit my budget.

Fortunately for me the house had a garage which I eventually turned Into a home gym, buying good quality equipment which I added to over the years. For me personally, I prefer to workout at my own home gym.

So let’s get down to this face off, below Is a list that I have made of the Pro’s and Con’s for working out at home Instead of going to the gym.

Pro’s Of Working Out At Home:

1. It will save you time on travelling to and from the gym.

2. You will save your money on a monthly membership.

3. You can workout at a time and day that suits you.

4. Workout In private without any onlookers.

5. It can help to encourage your family members to workout and get fitter and healthier.

6. Easier to focus on your workout as there are less distractions.

7. It helps to keep you more consistent with your training, which Is key to your success.

8. If you Invest In good equipment It can help to save you money In the long run.

9. No Lockdown can stop you from your training, so you can keep making progress.

Con’s Of Working Out At Home:

1. You will have less choice of equipment that you can use, which Is not always a con, this could also be considered as a benefit.

2. You may not have anyone who you can call on to spot you If needed.

3. You will not have any other leisure access, such as the use of a swimming pool.

4. You may lack the space to be able to set up a good home gym.

5. You will need to ensure the safety of others around you, such as children and pets.

6. The cost of the Initial home gym set up can be expensive.

7. You may not have a solid floor, which Is needed when using heavy weights.

8. You will need to maintain your own equipment.

So there you have It, If you are trying to decide which way to go then hopefully this would have helped you to make your final decision on which path Is best for you to take, either way, It doesn’t really matter, as long as you train at a good level of Intensity then you can get great results.

signed by Keith